The Allure of the Rocky Mountains & TWL

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The Allure of the Rocky Mountains & TWL
« on: 9 Oct 2018, 10:45 pm »
Part-Time Audiophile did a nice write-up of one of my longtime customers, Howard, originally from the Atlanta region, now living in Colorado...

An excerpt...
As it turns out, Howard has kicked things up a notch.  Since moving to Castle Rock, Howard has been able to buy two superstar turntables, a Kronos and a TW Acustic.  He has mounted a Grado Statement 1 on the Kronos and a Soundsmith Sussuro Mk. II and Miyajima Zero mono on the TW Acustic.  These both feed into an Audio Research Ref Phono 2SE which in turn head into a Hovland preamp and into the Black Beauties over Synergistic Research Tungsten interconnects.  Triode Wire Labs (review here) is Howard’s ac cable of choice.  For bass, Howard has two giant REL G2 subs which Howard said work best firing into the back corners of the room after much experimentation.  Electronics are mounted on a Mapleshade wide equipment rack and the natural wood compliments the wood floors nicely.  The room itself is 20’8” wide by 30’ long with 11 foot high ceiling and a one foot tray.


Re: The Allure of the Rocky Mountains & TWL
« Reply #1 on: 12 Oct 2018, 03:38 pm »
Howard  and his wife were kind enough to host a meeting for the Colorado Audio Society a few months ago, they have a beautiful home and the sound was superb.