Integer Audio and New Current Drive Amplifier

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Integer Audio and New Current Drive Amplifier
« on: 7 Oct 2018, 09:39 pm »
Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce Integer Audio and our new amplifier soon to be released based on Current Control, versus traditional voltage control.  The main advantage of current control is lower speaker distortions typically associated with voltage control due to speaker non-linearities.  The ideal system would be to combine the amplifier with speakers designed to take full advantage of current control.  This includes single full-range drivers, sealed box and DSP.  We’ve been testing the amplifier for over a year with Alpair 12PW full-range drivers in sealed boxes and a MiniDSP front end.

The Integer Current Drive Amplifier has two channels, 25 Watts/channel, and Class A operation.  Please see below for photos of the prototype and visit our website.

Thanks, Dave