AudiogoN charging to use the full Search feature in Discussion Forums

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Not sure if this is the correct circle, but has anyone recently tried to use the "Search" feature in the AudiogoN Discussion Forums? Until about a week ago, it was easy to type in the brand name of any audio gear and (usually) find a fair amount of discussion associated with people's experience with that particular product. Now, you are lucky to find very few if any results. I was wondering WTF is going on here, when I opened an email from AudiogoN touting its new "Insider" program at "only" $10/month or $100/year, that allows one to browse with less moderation than the public forums. I look at this as a blatant attempt to throttle free browsing and steer users to a paid platform. I guess I will remain an AudiogoN "outsider".


I saw those pop ups too on Agon.
I read part of them, then disregarded after it seemed like another sales ploy that I wasn't going to pay for anyway.

Agon has focussed more on selling "higher end" and thus more expensive gear since they changed ownership some 5 years ago.
This allows them to collect higher sales fees, and focus on catering to the 1%.

I have not seen the limited searching results that the OP describes. I see what I have seen the last 10 on Agon:
crappy search engine that will list your results starting first from 4 years ago ........, not helpful.


Maybe the Audiogon search is just lousy, the Google search engine burrows deeper into a forums and websites, in Google type in site:www.htpps:// after your search item.

[audio gear brand name] site:www.htpps://

Lifewire says type in the site:website URL first but it seems to work both ways

How to Search Within a Specific Website

Use Google's site: syntax followed by the website URL to restrict your search to find only results within that single website.

    Click in Google's search field.

    Type site: followed by the website URL you want to limit the search to. Make sure there's no space between site: and the website address.

    Follow the website URL with a single space and then type the search phrase.

    Press Return or Enter to begin the search.

You don't need to use the http:// or https:// portion of the website's URL, but it doesn't do any harm if you include it.


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As WGH mentioned using Google might work better.  Slightly better way to search Agon with Google is to add after your search.  Doing that will search everything that is under Agon domain and not just the forums section.


I just experienced this looking for Klipsch speaker discussions. As mentioned I had to use google to search and discover relevant discussions I was trying to find on Audiogon.


I experienced it today for the first time.  I will not pay them for searching their forums.


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There is a thread in Audiogon about the problem. Agon administration responded and wrote there is a problem. They are working on it.
I wrote and said I use Google to find stuff. It give agon and all sorts of other useful sites.
Same thing for Amazon. Amazon search is TERRIBLE!!! If I have something specific but not by brand name I want, Google is far better at finding in on Amazon, than Amazon is.