Well Tempered Labs 90's TT

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Well Tempered Labs 90's TT
« on: 23 Sep 2018, 11:11 am »
Hello Friends
I have two well tempered's
1. Is the classic, made in NZ, it is set up to run, just needs a cartridge, it has the Marigo Labs arm cup, that clamps on!!, It is in good nick expect  for a scratch, on the back, I believe it has litz wiring, though, the arm??, I ordered it though a dealer here in Australia, it arrived as a mess, via courier, I should of sent it back, but it is ready to go, with a cartridge, installed!!
2. I have also a Well Tempered Reference, from the 90's, that was passed on to me, long story!!, when I was moving, to a new unit, I tripped, over, an broke the plinth, in a few places, it has been repaired by a TT builder, from "once analog", which I have one of his TT's that are very good, but I miss the Well tempered sound, a bit less bright overall??
I need a bit of advice, from you good people, in order to get my Well tempered labs Reference back, he want's me to give him my well tempered classic, with a spare phono stage, new around $900 aust, but because I have used it approx two years, it is probe  worth $500
I wish to ask the bellow:
1. Is the well temperd Reference better then the classic??
2. Will the marigo arm clamp fit the Reference, arm clamp??, and have the same results??
3. I remember, a while back, that replacing the original belt, with one from origin, will results, in better sound??, is this snake oil??
4. Can some one recommend, up grades, for the reference?? as attachment is the re built Reference
Many Thanks'