A/V-1 for ceiling Atmos speakers?

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A/V-1 for ceiling Atmos speakers?
« on: 20 Sep 2018, 04:30 am »
Sorry if this has been asked before, but can't use search at the moment...

I'm looking to DIY four atmos ceiling speakers...and I'm curious as to the suitability of the A/V-1s for this?

1) What's the lightest weight I can build the A/V-1s?  The adjustable ceiling mounts I'd like to use suggest 10 lbs max.  For comparison the A/V-3S center that I built is ~23 lbs, but that was made with 3/4" MDF.  Could I get below 10 lbs using 1/2" plywood and not putting the crossover in the box?  Anybody care to chime in with their speakers' weights?

2) With them being mounted close to the ceiling, would plugging or just omitting the port be a good idea?  Sacrificing some low end seems ok for Atmos duty?

Any impressions or experiences or direction to a previous thread is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Thanks for any help.