any owners in the greater Toronto area (gta) available to let a newbie audition?

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Here's the scoop. Me and my partner have been smitten with the Daedalus Audio looks and philosophy. We are looking to get a bigger, better, badder sound than our current speakers, Harbeth monitor 30s. Don't get me wrong the Harbeths are great but we feel there is room for improvement, yes, even in the midrange that the Harbeths excelled so wel at and most certainly in the bass. We also have a strong desire to use SET amplification. After contacting Lou, he suggested the Muse or even the Muse studio for our sized listening room (a dedicated 9.5x13.5 foot space)

Here's the thing. I'm dreadfully scared of ordering these speakers blind. I have no doubt in my mind that the Muse is a superior sounding speaker over the M30, that much should be obvious based on the larger cabinet design, the use of high mass real wood and the (probablu..?) more elaborate and sophisticated cross over network.

So I've got A few questions I'd like to ask.

1. Would the Muse studio be a significant improvement over the regular Muse? We would like to move on up the Daedulus ladder in the future, and if the Muse Studio is somehow able to be upgraded to the Athena (as it uses the Athena crossover, I believe) that seems like a logical path. Otherwise of not, I think I'd rather stick with the regular Muse.

2. Is there anyone who can help point me in the right direction to someone who would be willing to accommodating me to come and take a listen? I live in Toronto but would be willing to travel a little bit in order to hear. A Muse or Muse Studio would be ideal, but I don't see the harm in also listening to something higher up in the line such as the Athena or Ulysses. I'll take what I can get.


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I dont believe the Athena is an "upgrade" over the Muse Studio. They have the same exact drivers and crossovers.

They serve different purposes, with the Muse Studio being more suitable for nearfield listening.

I currently have a pair of fully upgraded (including Duelund/Mundorf) Muse Studios. I sit 5 feet from them, and they are excellent.

In my acoustically challenged room, I haven't had a better sounding speaker. All other speakers I have tried haven't meshed with my room.

The Muse Studios are transparent, dynamic, natural, with an enveloping soundstage. But, it's right tool for the right job.

In an appropriately sized room, the bigger speakers most likely will be better, but in a small area in the nearfield,  the Studios are killer.

Daedalus Audio

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Kingdeezie is correct, the Athena is NOT an upgrade to the Muse Studio.  I used to say we build one design of speaker in different models suited for different applications/tastes. I would now qualify that as to the standard Muse has a somewhat different crossover that our others (less exotic and less expensive), other than that the build quality level on all models is the same. We don't cut corners on some models and call them "entry level". Of course the Apollo series has all the options and refinements as befitting our newest designs. In any case the Muse Studio is one of my very favorites for any room.

November is coming up and we will be showing the Apollo and the ZEUS at CAF, that is a quick flight from Toronto and a great show. Also Linear Tube Audio has a new set of Muse Studio at their showroom not too far from the DC show. I hope you can find a way to come visit us at the show, I'm sure you will enjoy it!


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Would the Daedalus DA-RMa v.2 be worth considering? It is a discontinued model (superceded by Athena) but this one is already uprgaded?


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While upgraded there is only so much that can be accomplished.
You might post some about your room and equipment as this is the right place for folks to help another spend money.
Here is another speaker to think of.  They play a little lower if that is a issue.

Also with one more post you will be able to send and receive personal messages.



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thanks for all the help guys. im still unsure what to do


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I suggesting calling Lou.  He was the ideal consultant for my listnekg application.   He may have demo gear to off load with the new Apollo series being the primary production line.  He is very approachable and will have useful insight regardless of you end up doing.