Just ordered a Vizio 65" P series Quantum 4K TV

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Just ordered a Vizio 65" P series Quantum 4K TV
« on: 16 Sep 2018, 06:23 pm »
Having used a Panasonic 60 " Plasma for over 10 years (2006) and still in good shape I ordered a Vizio Quantum 65" 4K TV to take advantage of my Oppo 205 UHD and high speed streaming , although I was happy with my plasma which has not died after all these years , but my 4 year old 50 " 3D LQ TV in the bed room seems to darken up and looks like power supply issues and is dying so I thought I might as get a new 75" TV for the living room and maybe movie this 12 year old plasma to the bedroom although my heart was set on a 75" TV which my living viewing would support ( viewing distance is about 14/15 feet ) but I found GR8 value in this TV from Costco it is on sale for $1499. plus tax. worse case scenario I can take it back to Costco within 90 day return policy
has anyone else used this TV with a 205 ? :popcorn: