FS: Mivera IceEdge 1200AS amplifier: Reduced

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FS: Mivera IceEdge 1200AS amplifier: Reduced
« on: 7 Sep 2018, 03:10 pm »
Mivera IceEdge 1200AS amplifier.
Takachi case.

$875 plus (US only) shipping. Accepting personal check, and Paypal (if you're willing to pay the fee).

It is energy efficient, compact, and can handle most any loudspeaker.
This amp delivers up to 1200 watts per channel into 4 Ohms.
It has RCA inputs.

Second owner. I bought this 2 weeks ago to try out the latest iteration of Class D (I’ve owned many Class D amps, including NCore, Bel Canto and Devialet). Though Class D keeps improving, I’m going to stay with my more conventional (and expensive) Hegel H30 amp for now. That said, this is shockingly good for the price.

Used in a dedicated audio room, with no exposure to tobacco, dogs/cats.


Pics from original ad here:
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Re: FS: Mivera IceEdge 1200AS amplifier: Reduced
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Bump, with price reduction