JBL L100 Re-Issue Coming!

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JBL L100 Re-Issue Coming!
« on: 4 Sep 2018, 10:37 am »
Japanese Link for images!

JBL, "L100 Classic" which reproduced the speaker "L100 Century" of the 1970s with the latest technology
Editorial department: Kota Hirayama
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Harman International Corporation launched a middle size bookshelf type speaker "L 100 Classic" (El 100 Classic) "in November, which newly developed" L100 Century "which appeared in the 1970s from JBL handled by the company. . The price is 228,000 yen (excluding tax / 1 piece). The special stand "L100 STAND" is also released at the same time, and the price is 58,000 yen (excluding tax / pair).

"L100 Classic"

This product is a 3 way bookshelf type speaker who reprinted "L100 Century" designed as a studio monitor quality home speaker. JBL says, "We enthusiastically introduced latest technology and acoustic design, aimed at a new generation speaker system that does not go beyond a simple reprint model."

Used image

Based on the same size "1200 FE series unit" used for studio monitors "4428", "4429", and "4312 SE" etc., the newly developed Woofer unit for the 300 mm bass range "JW 300 PW - 8" Things aimed at. Review and optimize each component of the magnetic circuit to improve efficiency, reduce induced inductance and improve nonlinearity of operation. JBL proprietary SFG Magnetic Circuit Short Ring is also optimized using the latest analytical techniques to form a stricter target magnetic field.

Woofer unit for bass range "JW 300 PW - 8"

A newly designed large diameter damper is adopted as a damper. It says to maintain the symmetry of motion at large amplitude than the 1200 FE adopted dual damper. Also, review the lead wire lead-out position to optimize the movement of the tinsel wire during large amplitude, and furthermore the durability of the unit is greatly improved. Corn adopts a newly designed pure pulp · cone. By conducting Aqua Plus coating, we are improving rigidity and improving damping.

The midrange unit is equipped with a 125-mm midrange unit "105H-1" that is also mounted on "4312E" and "4312SE". We adopted a lightweight pulp cone damped on the outer periphery of the cone paper, and it is clear and natural, as a vocal range unit that inherits "LE 5 series unit" which was mounted in the original "L100 Century", etc., distortion Vocal reproduction can be restrained suppressed.

Mid-range unit "105H-1"

The 25 mm diameter Copper voice coil which adopted "Kapton voice coil bobbin" excellent in heat resistance, and the magnetic circuit adopted large ferrite magnet are installed. It is said to realize excellent dynamic range and response by strongly integrating with the baffle while supporting a strong magnetic circuit by an aluminum die-cast frame of a square quadrangular flange structure.

The tweeter adopted 25 mm pure titanium · dome tweeter "JT 025 Ti-4". It is the latest version of the unit that is widely used in JBL since the mid 1980s, adopting a crossed edge that achieves a smooth connection with midrange using accordion cross edge. The gentle curve faceplate also aims at directivity control, energy improvement in the crossover band with the midrange.

Pure Titanium Dome tweeter "JT 025 Ti-4"

Cabinet with walnut thrust plate finish ensures high rigidity by 25 mm thick MDF board and internal V-shaped bracing. A large flare is provided in the opening portion of the bass reflex port inside and outside the cabinet to suppress wind noise (port noise) in large amplitude. In addition, a slip stream port which suppresses the sudden rise of Q accompanying port tuning and softens the feeling of emphasis of low frequency is adopted.

For the front grill, we adopted a newly designed Quadrex Foam front grille with improved weather resistance. The color is developed in three colors, black (BLK), orange (ORG), dark blue (BLU).

Black, Orange, Dark Blue 3 grille front grill available

A separate steel stand is also available separately. By attaching an elevation angle, it is said that the directional axis of the tweeter is directed to the listening position, and the frequency response, the sound image, and the reproducibility of the sound field can be optimized.

Exclusive stand "L100 STAND"   
Wearing a stand

The external dimension is 390 W × 637 H × 372 D mm (including grill), the mass is 26.7 kg. The playback frequency band is 40 Hz - 40 kHz, the crossover frequency is 450 Hz, 3.5 kHz. The impedance is 4 Ω, and the output sound pressure level is 90 dB.
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Re: JBL L100 Re-Issue Coming!
« Reply #1 on: 4 Sep 2018, 12:38 pm »
Hi JapanJim.

As a past owner of the original L100s, this is interesting, but not news here, as JBL announced this a few months ago. We have a seller here in the US called Musicdirect that has picked up the JBL line, offering products like the 4307, 4306, 4312se, K2, The Everest D67000, 4429, S4700 and S3900 towers, all have amusing price tags (the Everest is priced at $75,000).

If they pick up the new L100, I believe its priced at $4,000 a pair. Not sure if that price is going to have a lot of X L100 owners jumping on the band wagon or not. The good news is that they improved the product alot with (as you pointed out) new drivers and new cross-overs.

I'm not in the market for them as I currently have the Studio 530s, which are very excellent bookshelf speakers. Time will tell how this all blows over.



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Re: JBL L100 Re-Issue Coming!
« Reply #2 on: 3 Oct 2018, 11:23 pm »
Would like to hear these


Re: JBL L100 Re-Issue Coming!
« Reply #3 on: 4 Oct 2018, 05:25 pm »
I sold a lot of the original L100's back in the 80's at an audio store in Sulpher, La. Back then, these were one of my favorites, although I bought a pair of the DCM Time Windows. I loved the looks of those foam grilles on those JBL's.  I am sure the new ones will sound a lot better.