Empirical Audio Offramp and Nvidia

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Empirical Audio Offramp and Nvidia
« on: 4 Sep 2018, 10:14 am »
Hoping someone has experience here as this is a topic that is very hard to find communication on.

I have a high end system that doubles as a HT as well as 2 channel. Nagra/Tidal and Argento/Shunyata loom. I have been enjoying a fantastic SQ experience watching youtube live concerts (and those tagged "audiophile") running an NVIDIA Shield - USB to a non audiophile USB to SPDIF converter - Empirical Audio Synchromesh - Metrum Adagio Dac .

I am looking to upgrade the USB to SPDIF converter with something that befits the standard of the rig. The Nvidia is an excellent source for 2 channel PCM.

Looking at Empirical Audio Offramp 5/6. Turns out that many converters do not work given USB protocols.

Reaching out to any Empirical audiophiles who may be using Nvidia Shield as a source into a high end system based on USB/SPDIF conversion. Interested in what actually does work re signal connectivity.....