Cambridge CXN a good enough pre for KWA 100se?

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will mac

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Cambridge CXN a good enough pre for KWA 100se?
« on: 2 Sep 2018, 03:21 pm »
Hi guys, putting a new system together in Thailand and shortlisted a KSA100se for sale in the classifieds. Also on special locally is the Cambridge cxn (V1), a streamer network player with digital pre amp section. I'm hoping these could make a good combo.. any thoughts?
Review quote
"the CXN produces a lively, energetic sound though one that never tends to veer towards becoming bright or harsh. Its low end performance in particular is fast, tight and beautifully controlled, with a touch of warmth in the upper midband and a certain high-end sparkle that could become a problem in a particularly bright system, but when properly matched serves only to add to the performance."