Please Recommend a reliable Basic AVR for 5.1 with pre-amp out Jacks

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Would appreciate any help for a basic AVR to use in a basement system.  Requirements are that it have pre-amp outs in case i want to upgrade an amp later, and preferably a way to do lossless Tidal and or Spotify instead of going bluetooth from my phone.   Id like to stay less than $400. Im thinking yamaha via accessorizes for less but open to non-onkyo suggestions.




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Any particular Denon model ?


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Here you go, $389.

I can't find it now but about a week ago I thought I saw a deal for a refurbished Marantz SR5012 for $429. That would have full pre-outs. The Marantz NR series while cheaper will have pre-outs for the left and right front channel only.



On another audio/visual forum, one loyal Denon owner is saying that over the years, his newer model Denons have been failing more often. Something like 7, 5, 3, 2 and most recently less than 2 years.

Though another person did say they liked the Denon's Audyssey calibration over the Yamaha's YPAO.


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I was just looking at this very option a couple of weeks ago.

I was told by Accessories4less that this is the least expensive AVR they have that has all channel preouts.!more



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I recently purchased a Denon x3400. It has audyssey x32 and pre amp outputs, so far has been working flawlessly and some of the Heos features are pretty cool. They are heavily discounted since the x3500 came out with very incremental upgrades. I got it for under $500 new.


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