Sonarworks 'True-Fi' headphone EQ/ FR correction app

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dB Cooper

This is an app that I'm on the trial period of. It's designed to 'flatten out' the response of your headphones. I can attest that it works. My SE535's (a dark-ish sounding IEM) are more open sounding and more extended in the high end. Bad news is- for me, anyway, and maybe you- is that the 535's are my only 'phones that have been measured and calibrated by the company. If my Amiron Home full sizers were also on the 'Supported' list, I'd be quicker to say Yes. (Note that they will measure and calibrate your own headphones.... for $145. The app itself is a reasonable enough $79. It allows you to tweak the compensation to taste somewhat.

The other thing is, because this aims for a flat FR, it makes your headphones sound more alike: My Shures sound more like my already-pretty-flat Etymotics, although the dual-woofer Shures still play with more authority in the bass. So maybe if you've been getting the 'stink-eye' from Wifey every time she looks at your headphone farm, you can thin the herd a bit- unless you like the different 'signatures' (it can be toggled for an immediate A/B.)

Interesting enough that I thought I'd post the link and suggest you give the ten-day trial a shot if you have one one of the supported models:
I would be curious to know what others think.
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Re: Sonarworks 'True-Fi' app
« Reply #1 on: 11 Aug 2018, 03:07 pm »
I went to the link from the other thread you mentioned this on as I have HE 400i's that are supported.  Couldn't get the demo to play and didn't have the time to trouble shoot it.  I'll go back when I have more time, I'd love to actually hear the demo as the selections were well chosen.  I could hear the uncorrected side of the clips, not the corrected side.

dB Cooper

Re: Sonarworks 'True-Fi' app
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Here's one of the problems as I see it.

Namely... Is the EQ based on an accurate measurement? Headphones are notoriously difficult to measure, and garbage in, garbage out. These measurements were presumably all made with good intentions but are wildly different. Are Sonarworks' measurements right? How does one tell? I do 'like' the sound better- it opens up the highs (the 535 has a dark-ish presentation, somewhat like the Senn HD650) but ears and measurement apparatus can both be 'fooled' occasionally.also, my sE535's have the custom tips (which I wouldn't do again), which seems likely to be in disagreement with any of the stock tips in the high end.

Think I'm probably going to sell my 535's and get some Etymotics, which the Shures sound more like after the EQ anyway. Maybe its better to start with flat rather than flatten out something that isn't. Might turn up in Trading Post soon.

Judging from the response, it doesn't seem like there's much interest, but I thought I'd post the curves anyway.


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Re: Sonarworks 'True-Fi' headphone EQ/ FR correction app
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A few of the Seattle HeadFi folks I see regularly were high on Sonarworks a couple years ago, but I don't know if they remain so. Didn't catch on with me because I felt it over-emphasizes f/r and measurements, and bypasses true timbre/touch/texture, attack/dynamics, and spatial characteristics.

And as db says, it makes the cans more f/r similar, not something I need --- for example the "classic trio" remains in my stable and I enjoy their personalities.