DPS-MKII power supply and speed controller

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DPS-MKII power supply and speed controller
« on: 10 Aug 2018, 10:44 am »
I have seen a newspost about this upgraded power supply on The Ear but have seen nothing here about it and I wondered if anybody knows anything about it?
Quote from The Ear: New on the stand was a prototype DPS MkII power supply for all but the Simplex deck and the forthcoming Well Tempered Phono Stage with ‘optimised’ RIAA stage (below).

It was displayed at Munich High end in 2017.

Apparently it allows for 33/45 speed change with a switch and fine tuning of the speed. It's for all models except for the Simplex model (probably because of the platter dimension).
Here's a pic:

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Re: DPS-MKII power supply and speed controller
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I wish the original DPS would have come out with those features :cry: But, it is what it is.