1.5 full rangers...does phase affect the perceived music beyond frequency rsp?

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I missed the context to 2x4”. But i wan’t to comment on the faster bit… fast means a speaker has good HF response. What are the 2 x 4”. I suspect that the Sakura uses a high-quality driver that they have made for them, the 4” could be of completely different calibre. The driver in the 4722 could go way lower in a TL. But 2x4” could move more air given twice the Sd, but we would need to know how far the cone can safely move.



The floorstanders are Almarros. As you can see from the pictures they are substantially bigger than the 47 Labs which however in a small room sound absolutely fantastic. I like the Almarros as well but I wish they had some of the speed & presence of the bookshelves as well. None of the drivers are standard unfortunately. 


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Sorry for the bad orientation but they looked ok. I really don’t know how to fix it. 


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Hi, tbh I don't care much about frequency response or accuracy, I only care about the sound: if it's enjoyable to listen to then I'm all for it! Having said that I'm sure that more drivers can be integrated and the 1.5 is not that bad after all, it's just that the single driver approach has a purity to it that it's difficult to replicate (I think Kondo San has said that the combination of SET amplification + single driver speakers brings the most realistic result).
+1 this is what is really important, a beautiful music reproduction that please the audiophile.
I'm using the 47 Labs 4722 in a small room and in full honesty I don't feel I'm missing anything on the low end, it's a spectacular speaker.
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