Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!

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Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« on: 26 Jul 2018, 08:14 pm »
As a former Big 7 owner and a current GG owner, I am very curious to hear Pacific owners' take on their new DAC's.  In particular, how would you compare the sonic "center of gravity", as it were, to the GG?  My concern is that it might be too much of a move to the "brutally honest" side of the spectrum vs. the GG that I know and love.  So, please share - - thanks!


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Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #1 on: 2 Aug 2018, 02:42 pm »
I own a sort GG1 but had a demo loaner Pacific for 2-3 weeks. No question the Pacific is better.


Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #2 on: 2 Aug 2018, 02:44 pm »
I own the GG1 but have a demo loaner Pac.

Hands down for me the Pac is better in that it has all the GG goodies but comes with and dollop of detail/resolution on top (immediately apparent, cold out of the flight case). I hear no drawbacks whatsoever and bear in mind that the Pac is nowhere near as broken in as the GG.

The GG has "chipless" DSD and I am not sure but the PAC dos not seem to better it there in general (about equal), but the PCM is better clearly than the R2R PCM on the GG.

The ergonomics of the Pac is also better, just more elegant to use as trhe only thing to switch is the position of the tube heater and clicking ON with the gorgeous remote.

I will shed a tear on the departure of the PAC but will be cheered by the fact that I still have the GG and that already is a "desert island" Dac.


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Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #3 on: 4 Aug 2018, 04:42 pm »
I own a GG and have shipped it back and paid for the GG2 upgrade.  The feedback that I've been seeing regarding the Pacific vs GG1/2 is giving me pause with the GG2 instead of the Pacific.  In fact, I've asked Fred to put my upgrade on hold until I'm more confident with my decision.

My concern focuses on the R2R versus the Delta/Sigma architecture of the Pac.  I've never heard a DS-based DAC that can match the articulation, resolution of timbre, and focus of R2R.  I had a PS-Audio PerfectWave DAC (R2R) and was going to "upgrade" to their DirectStream DAC (10x up-sampling to DSD and down-converted to 5x for noise shaping).  I found the DirectSteam to be unlistenable.  The extreme highs were a bit more detailed/airy, but that was the only positive.  There was a kind of fog throughout the midrange and the bass was vague and was especially lacking in articulation, timbre, and impact.  Additionally, I found that after an evening's listening session, my ears were ringing.  This I attribute to the  the noise from a 1-bit DS system shifted to the "inaudible" ultrasonic range.  Yes, ultrasonic tones are not heard, but the energy of ultrasonic noise is still impacting your ears and causes fatigue.

So, I'd appreciate any comments regarding the Pac/GG comparison, particularly with regard to my experiences with single bit DS, bass articulation and timbre, midrange transparency and focus.

Thanks much,


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Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #4 on: 5 Aug 2018, 08:11 pm »
Thank you, Alrainbow and Wisnon, for your comments from your experiences.  You cannot beat impressions from such direct experience as yours, and I really appreciate your taking the time to share what you hear.

While I don't doubt that the PAC is a better DAC than the GG, my concern is that it might not be the better DAC in all systems (in particular, mine!).  That is why I asked about the sonic "center of gravity", as my system has many virtues, but it walks a razor's edge, and more "brutal honesty" might not be the better solution in my system.  I love getting a more informative source in my system, because hearing more deeply into the recording is a great thing.  However, I have too often heard such gains accompanied by harder, less warm tonal structure - - that can work beautifully in some systems, but I fear that it might not work in my system, as it stands.

So, could you please speak any differences you hear in terms of tonality:  is there any shift that you hear; more specifically, is one "warmer" than the other?  This feels like the paramount question for me and my system.  Thanks!

It sounds like some more detailed impressions along these lines might also help kernelbob, too.


Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #5 on: 6 Aug 2018, 01:58 pm »
Hi JB and Kernel B.

I hear what you guys are saying and I will try to answer, though its hard as I did not set up an A/B session and AL is a more persnickety listener than I am. LoL

My GG is R2R/Chipless DSD with dual superclocks...latest upgraded version of GG1. It is NOT at its best with the Kron 242 tube and output level is about 700mv. My fav output tube is the now unobtanium Lampi EML anniv mesh 45 globe (AMG for short). BTW, AL has 2 pairs of the equally unobtanium solid plate 45 globes for sale at $900 a pair. These tubes rarely come up...but I digress. Next fav is the Psvane UK design 300b, but I heard the WE replica 300b from Psvane and that is even better. My GG1 has high and low heater switch and Jupiter caps. Pac has Lampi Copper caps, massively 2 uF or something with bypass cap too.

The Pac and the GG2 BOTH have the 5 tube heater selector and that makes a difference. The GG2 may or may not have the driver tube like the Pac and that is another "advantage".

Now, I detect ZERO fatigue listening to the Pac even at high volume for a long time. No real tonal shift from GG. PCM seems better to me than on the GG and DSD about equal. I use a SS integrated amp, so I like the tube impact, though I don't have any euphonics with either to speak of. Pac is like GG with just more HF extension. It is also a bit more elegant to use. There is no brutality or etchiness, or harshness with the Pac. To me its a GG+.

For me and my preference though, its clear that I would go straight to Pac if funds allow. They are all world class Dacs, but to me Pac is MOST world class. Its very natural and balanced in its presentation.

Oh, KernelB...I heard the DStream when AL had it. It was horrid to my ears, except on RBCD where it was just passable. I tried several Firmwares back then too. The old B7 bested it easily. We are talking light years beyond that now.

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Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #6 on: 6 Aug 2018, 02:36 pm »
From a demo event in Fla last year:

The Pacific DAC provided greater detail, was more linear, more dynamic and had a lower noise floor than the other Lampizator DACs I've heard. Yet it retains the body, texture and dimension that Lampizator is famous for. I think it is a significant improvement over the Golden Gate.



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Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #7 on: 6 Aug 2018, 06:46 pm »
Thanks for your extended comments, Wisnon!

Regarding tubes, I have run my balanced GG1 (with R2R PCM upgrade) actually in SE mode with the Psvane WE 101D Replica tubes, preferring this against 6A3's, Psvane 300B's, Takatsuki 300B's, RCA 45's.....and others I cannot recall.  But a couple of months ago I purchase some Kron KR T-100 output tubes, and these I like the best, by far - - more detailed extension and a dynamically livelier presentation, while also have very good harmonic bloom.  I also use the regular KR 5U4G rectifier, which makes the 101D's or the T-100's both sing better.  These tube adjustments have made a very noticeable upgrade to my GG1 sound.

I listened to a Pacific at an owner's house on a stereo that was all new to me, and in an incredible room that was all new to me, and I liked what I heard, very much.  But was it the stereo + room?  Are the speakers voiced to match the Pacific better, and my speakers voiced to match the GG better?  These are my fearful questions.  Your reply is helping to calm my fears a bit. The GG1 I have just sounds like musicians in the studio making great recordings, and it does have a bit of the "warts and all" revelation of information that gives a bad mastering no place to hide.  I just don't want to go too far over on that side.  Sigh....

I brought a bunch of tubes to roll in the Pacific for my visit, with the clear winner being the supplied Kron KR 300B's that come with the DAC.  We both heard it as best.  To my ear the T-100 was a little too vibrant than real life, the KR 300B's offering a sound that just felt like uneditorialized life, fully revealed with all of the musical information that the Pacific taps.  My host liked the Takatsuki 300B's enough that he chased down a pair to add to his options, but the T-100's did not move him in like manner (and the Psvane WE 101D replicas were not in the same league, in this DAC).

In the end, I have a Pacific upgrade on order, due to arrive in early November, so I will find out then! 


Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #8 on: 6 Aug 2018, 09:29 pm »
What no KR 242 tube roll, or Lampi Anniv mesh globe 45?

I hated the WE replica 101d. I have my pair available for sale. Less than 20 hrs on them. LoL

I quite like the RK 300b, but also the Psvane replica 300b too. Al thinks the "holy trinity is Tak 300b pair with Tak 274b recti"

The cheapShuguang 274b is a must have rectifier in your stash. very cheap and best combo with some DHts!


Re: Pacific Owners, Please Stand Up!
« Reply #9 on: 11 Aug 2018, 06:56 pm »
From Facebook

So, I’ve spent the last 2 years basking in the beautiful sound that my LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC delivered, firmly believing that the music I get to listen to any time I want would never get any better..
Then Lukasz Fikus and the amazing team at LampizatOr decided to create the ‘Pacific’.. And not only did they create something amazing, I was able to trade my Golden Gate in for 100% of the price I paid two years ago!.. In the world of high end audio, this isn’t an offer I’ve ever seen..
So, long story short, I decided to order a Pacific Balanced DAC and trade in my Golden Gate.. Earlier this week my Pacific DAC arrived, and hoping I’d made a good decision, I installed it in place of the Golden Gate... And then.. Magic happened!
I think I’ve probably spent 10 hours a day since - well into the wee early hours - listening to music I know and love.. Seemless swapping from PCM to DSD - and everything in-between - and I think I may have found musical Nirvana.. 🎶
Every recording I have reveals new detail - but more importantly it delivers a balance between every vocal and instrumental voice that creates a third dimension I hadn’t believed I’d ever hear..
Experiencing the body sensation you had in a concert hall when a big orchestra just fills - and then vacates - the air around you, or being at a concert when you float on the energy that makes the room so alive that you’re carried away with the music.. That’s what this is like..
I’ve no idea how Lukasz and his team have achieved this, but all that’s left to say is that if you have been considering upgrading to - or purchasing - the LampizatOr Pacific DAC, just dive on in and DO IT.. It’s a decision you’ll never regret..
Here’s a brief glimpse of the Pacific sitting atop the rest of the amazing pieces that make up the musical joy that fills my life, as the sun went down on a cold Melbourne winter evening..
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