ACI G3 and Sapphire

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ACI G3 and Sapphire
« on: 4 Jul 2018, 04:51 pm »
This is my first post and I am very interested to find any information, construction, crossover details for ACI G3 and Sapphire XL speakers.
I remember talking to Mike Dzurko many, many years ago when diy speaker building was in its’ infancy, and after 40 years, I have acquired a pair of mint G3 speakers, production built I believe. No labels. Any way of determining their age?
Also would like to build a pair of Sapphire XL. I have the Scanspeak drivers, and any info on these stand mount speakers will be much appreciated.

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Re: ACI G3 and Sapphire
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Welcome to AC, Tweek. Sorry I cannot answer your questions but I’m sure someone will help you out shortly.


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Re: ACI G3 and Sapphire
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Welcome Tweek :thumb: