Speaker recommendation

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Speaker recommendation
« on: 2 Jul 2018, 11:03 am »
Jim & other experts

I was hoping you could help me select a speaker from Jim’s lineup.

One of my favorite speakers of all times is Dynaudio C1(platinum). Here are the things I liked about C1:
1. There is a wholeness of their sound, with no particular emphasis of treble, or mids, while at the same time there a solid bass underpinning that. 
2. There is a deep soundstage, with a very revealing sonic signature, neutral, and yet forgiving.

However for our main living room, which is 18’ x 20’, I need something larger. Consumption is 50% movies and 50% music. While for movies we do have a Sub (18” Funk Audio), for music it would be preferred to not use a sub. Music includes R&B, classic rock and a lot of guitar (Gipsy Kings eg).


Re: Speaker recommendation
« Reply #1 on: 2 Jul 2018, 01:37 pm »
What is your budget?

If you like the Dynaudio sound, the Song3 BeAT's feature a midrange built by the same family that founded Dynaudio.  It would match your list quite well.

- Jim