Tidal sounds bright?

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Re: Tidal sounds bright?
« Reply #20 on: 30 Jun 2018, 11:38 am »
I kicked Tidal a couple of years ago as I went back to ITunes as I thought it sounded better but mostly for the bigger music library(at the time).  My system for reference is PSAudio DirectStream Dac to Pass Labs XA30.8 and Sonus Faber Olympica III Speakers....Vovox Textura Fortis interconnects(killer cable) and Acoustic Zen Speaker Cables.

I Hear no brightness in my system and haven’t listened to CD in years.....If I buy one or borrow one it’s just to load it onto my hard drive.  I am a convert and digital for me starts with my Mac Mini and ITunes & goes from there.


Re: Tidal sounds bright?
« Reply #21 on: 30 Jun 2018, 02:15 pm »
It's entirely possible that you are hearing different masters on the varying formats.

I think there may be something to that, Johnny.

Not all tracks on Tidal sound hard/bright. Lise De LaSalle playing mozart/Prokofiev solo piano is one of the most beautiful sounding piano recordings I've ever heard and she is a brute technician player, if it could sound hard with her playing it would. So it's not a global thing, and it's not unique to my system tonality. I do hear the problem on Clifford Brown album "Study In Brown" which was released to CD in 1990s and that sounds essentially the same as the vinyl which was released in 1955. But I don't hear the problem on a new hi-rez MQA 24/192 Clifford Brown release "A New Star on the Horizon" on Tidal.  It is a true high resolution remastering, with much more tonal detail like a modern audiophile recording, so it MUST be remastered recently from the original tapes and it sounds glorious, unbelievable to hear him in hirez.

So whether it is Tidal or the record company who changes the tracks for whatever reason, it does seem that some of the tracks on Tidal are not the same as the original versions issued on CD. Maybe that's all we can surmise at this point.

Could be these tracks are altered by the record companies to sound best when streamed to phones, car, earbuds, or to appeal to young music listeners accustomed to the grating edgy sound of today's pop music?


Re: Tidal sounds bright?
« Reply #22 on: 28 Jul 2018, 03:53 pm »
This week I bought one of those ifi SPDIF iPurifier’s mentioned above.

 :o holy crap. My digital cable was more than double the cost of this thing and didn’t make a difference like I’m hearing now. I doesn’t fix bad recordings, but it sure ads refinement to most Tidal streams. Bass seems far more balanced too. My biggest complaint about Tidal was “top down” tone, lean bass and edgy highs. Much better now.

Thanks Emil. A real treat for $150 bucks. :thumb:


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Re: Tidal sounds bright?
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I have been listening to Tidal off and on this week and my biggest concern is consistency. Has anyone noticed it sounds great one day and not so good the next?


Re: Tidal sounds bright?
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Nope. Always consistent to me and never harsh.


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Re: Tidal sounds bright?
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I thought MQA was supposed to cure all that, plus ringing and gout


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Re: Tidal sounds bright?
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Good here. I will say that before I gave my network some attention, it was inconsistent and worse when my kids crowded the WiFi. Now it is perfect, seamless, great sounding streaming all the time.