Give me your opinions

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Give me your opinions
« on: 28 Jun 2018, 12:12 am »
So a friend of mine wants to try OB....
He gets a hold of me and asks me to recommend a kit.
He has decent subs.....JL Audio D110, and a budget of $2000

I would like your guys opinions.....only on GR stuff though.

What would you tell him.....?


Re: Give me your opinions
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Re: Give me your opinions
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Hey Perry
Well, you  can't beat the bang  for buck of the  X-Statik  kits but not fully  OB. The   wedgie and NX-MTm kits will need  subs that play  up pretty high, near 200hz for the  wedgies,  a bit lower  fo rthe  MTM's.

The NX-Otica's are around  $2k including the  flat pack and afully  Ob  from  tweeter to woofers. See my  post  above...  even without  the  dsp  aditions in those   graphs,  they reach  down to  a  solid 50-60 hz in some rooms.
I do need to get mnore  wings /braces    cut for  the Otica  kits....,  thankfully  we're getting  going on some cutting  once  again.

Is your buddy up here in Canada ?  If so and he ever  gets over  to the  OK valley, he is more  than  welcome to stop by  for a  listen