Dune hd duo 4k purchase advice, to buy or not to buy, is the quest

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Hi. Am thinking of buying a Dune hd duo 4k ( £800  ) here in britain, because it has quality analogue outputs with ess sabre 32 dac and i want the sound quality.
Problem is it physically very big and has 3d, 4k, dual 3.5 inch hard drive bays, stuff which i do not use.
Do any of the lower models provide this good sound quality without these extras, if so which models should i be looking at, or a non dune product.
Finally, are there any problems with the hd duo 4k that i should be aware of before purchase.


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Anyone have an opinion or a suggestion, anything will be most appreciated.


Never seen Dune sold in the US which might be why you are not getting feedback.


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Murph is correct. It seems that there is only one, small-scale independent US distributor and he’s in New Jersey. You probably won’t get much response from those of us in the US.