Raal Tweeter used in Supercharged Songtowers -- replacements?

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Looking for a replacement RAAL tweeter for Supercharged Songtowers.

Does anyone know the specific model number of this tweeter? Is it commercially available from something like Madisound, or only from Salk itself? Any ideas welcome. 

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Salk would probably give you the specifics if you contacted them, and maybe even a better deal than you are able to find from other online distributors.

dB Cooper

Maybe you're even under warranty which would be the best situation.

R Swerdlow

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You'll have to contact Jim Salk.  Maybe it can be repaired.

That RAAL tweeter is only available to manufacturers like Salk, and is not sold by online vendors like Madisound.  It is custom made to allow its use in 2-way speakers that require a low crossover frequency.  None of the standard RAAL models can go low enough.


There is absolutely no reason to not just call Jim Salk.  You won’t get better service.  If it’s cheaper to buy elsewhere, Jim will be the first to direct you to it.


Those tweeters are a custom version of the RAAL 70-20.  It is an OEM part that, to my knowledge, is not available through companies like Madisound (which carries most other RAAL tweeters).  Our version is built with amorphous core magnets and only has one set up inputs rather than three on the standard 70-20.  So even if you could purchase a 70-20, it would not be quite the same as our version.

The ribbon elements can be replaced if everything else is still working.  If not, you will need a new tweeter and we can set one up for you.

- Jim


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Thanks everyone! Am new to this brand and trying to help a friend get a damaged set back in action.

Jim, I'll message you.



In my experience with ribbon tweeters its more than likely a torn ribbon which is causing the problem.  Its a bit difficult to replace and make look like new but its okay to do yourself.

Contact Jim Salk he's amazing.  A very happy customer on 3 occasions all the way from Australia (the Indian Ocean side).

Cheers Rod