Deja Vu Audio Active Speaker Crossover Perfect for Altec or other 2 way DIY horn

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For sale is an active tube crossover from Deja Vu Audio with 700 HZ xover and attenuation.
Comes with corresponding tubes. Tubes look great and are in good working shape but I will not guarantee. Consider tubes a gift- nothing exotic, rare  or expensive.
The active attenuation makes it a breeze to match horns/compression drivers with woofers... but I can't tell you much more about the topology or other technical aspects of this crossover. Please look at the pictures closely and determine if this will work for you. This will probably be purchased by someone who is familiar with Deja Vu Audio in McLean Va.. It is designed for 2 way horn systems like Altec, JBL etc..
I built a passive xover that I am happy with and want a more simple system with one amp, so I am finally selling off this extra piece. I bought directly form DJV and it was working perfectly a few years ago which is the last time I had it operating in my system. I am not dismantling my current speakers to test again. I am selling this as is with no warranties. But if you are looking at this, you probably know, it's all point to point wiring, so, there is not a lot to go wrong and it is easily serviced if there are ever any problems in the future. It is infinitely tweak-able and swapping out caps etc. is very easy. I never feel a need to tweak any DJV gear as I find they always get the voicing just right.
No big blemishes but like all DJV kit, it is not audio jewelry. This is bespoke handmade gear and has corresponding nuances like small scratches etc..
Active crossovers are very difficult to get right. Most are put together by companies who make compromising manufacturing considerations when implementing a design. This bespoke piece utilizing tubes, transformer coupled circuit and selected vintage components, it is hand made one at a time and very rare on the used market. Do not compere this to Marchand, Bryston etc... This is way beyond that solid state schlock. This is for sophisticated low watt tube amp enthusiasts that require the most refined sounding kit. If you had this custom built today it would be in excess of $5000. It has all the qualities of the other DJV gear I've owned which is dynamic, quiet and to my ears- perfect tone.
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