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Revenge takes the "woman done wrong" genre to a new level, French writer and director Coralie Fargeat has made a film that makes every other female revenge movie look like a birthday party at a pre-school.  Matilda Lutz starts out as the perfect male fantasy and through persistence, grit and ingenuity transforms herself into a killing machine that teaches them a very bloody lesson. Not for everybody but recommended all the same.  :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

The Atlantic has a well written review:




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Re: Revenge
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That movie reminds me of the "I spit on your grave" movies.


Re: Revenge
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I never saw the "spit on you grave" movies, they sound more gratuitously violent. Jen (Matilda Lutz), the heroine, is just 'aiming' to survive instead of exacting revenge (well, that too). She is barefoot and being hunted by 3 heavily armed men.

Writer/director Coralie Fargeat with Matilda Lutz interview:

Coralie Fargeat (left) - Matilda Lutz (right)