Bring on the Tubes...

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Bring on the Tubes...
« on: 16 Apr 2018, 09:46 pm »
Bring on the Tubes...

Check out the difference the iTube2 made to this guys system in his own words...

"After receiving this unit, I set it up with an iPod Classic sitting in a Pure i-20 dock and a Milwaukee job site boom box in my motor home and let it run for 24 hours for a good burn in. After that time period it was warm to the touch, meaning that I could lay my hand on it and leave it there as long as I wanted with no discomfort.

After the burn in, I used the same set up and plugged it into my vintage Marantz equipment. I have it set up in buffer mode with no volume control. After listening to it for a full day, I have to say that I am really pleased with the way it handles the music that is passed through it.

The presence of both vocals and instruments is noticeably enhanced, and with the 3D setting on full, there is a lot more spaciousness in the perceived sound stage. Best of all, the harshness usually associated with a digital source is non-existant. I leave the bass boost off because my Klipsch Cornwall lll's don't need the help, but in just trying it out I could hear quite a bit of difference in the bass.

It should really add some oomph to any system that needs help in the bottom end. I can't wait for my Sony HAP1ZES to finish transferring so I can hear what it does with a really good music source. I have a feeling that this will become one of those rare "can't listen without it" additions to my music system."

Thanks to ByRCMon April 6, 2018

What about everyone here?
How would you describe the difference the iTube2 makes to your system?
200 words or less!

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