SOLD. Mivera Audio PurePower-IcePower AS12002 Amp

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SOLD. Mivera Audio PurePower-IcePower AS12002 Amp
« on: 16 Apr 2018, 03:46 pm »
Hello fellow AC'ers,

I have a New Mivera PurePower-IcePower AS12002 Amp SOLD for the price I paid - $1100.  I was an early adopter - Lot 2 so I am passing along the savings to you and not having to wait either!

I just got hit really hard with my tax bill this weekend and need the cash.  I'll prob buy another when I recover.

Details as ordered and upgraded:
    Standard Silver Case with gray lettering
    Upgraded Furutech DPS-4 internal power cable
    Upgraded analog input wire - Neotech UPOCC silver/gold teflon
    Additional SE input wiring harness.
    Supposed to arrive this week

Buyer pays PP fees and shipping.  I can ship this week after I receive.
I am mr_bill on Audiogon if you want to check perfect positive feedback.

Thank you,
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Re: SOLD. Mivera Audio PurePower-IcePower AS12002 Amp
« Reply #1 on: 17 Apr 2018, 04:58 am »
Hi Bill,

Just found this post. I didn’t ship your amp because you decided to upgrade to dark etching at the last minute. If you sold this amp it will be more efficient for me to ship directly to the new owner. This way we can also customize the features. So please inform him to contact us, and I can refund your payment.