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New here
« on: 15 Apr 2018, 05:04 pm »
I'm new to this site, but have been involved with high end audio since long before the internet was invented.  I've been running a Lazarus Cascade Basic preamp, a pair of modified mono ST-70s in triode, and a pair a of custom build Sterling Acoustics speakers for about 25 years.  The hobby has taken a back seat due to the obligations of raising a large family, but the time has come to do some much needed updates, upgrades, and component replacement in my amps.  I stumbled into this website while research the AVA Ultimate 70 mods.  Looking forward to perusing the archives and maybe asking some questions.


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Welcome, knottscott.  :beer:

This Thread might just be the best Thread on all of AC as it relates to the AVA Ultimate 70 mod.

Have fun,



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Re: New here
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Thanks Jerry!


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Welcome Scott :thumb:


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Always fun to find long 'sleeping' audiophiles.  You'll find speakers have gotten more what we used to call "European" (tighter, less extended bass) to the point that many smaller ones can sound 'constipated'.  Dedicated computers have gotten popular for digital sourcing with DACs being the fastest changing part of audio.  Class D design is making a big dent in solid state power amp sales.  More interest in how sound behaves in-room and addressing via treatments and signal modification.  Fortunately prices for good gear has stayed fairly constant and entry level gear has come down.


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Welcome to AC, knotscott.

I, too, was a sleeper until about six years ago. That re-entry into the hobby was just 'a warmup' for the day when my higher education obligations came to an end.   :D


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Hello and welcome to AC, knotscott.


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Greetings & Welcome to AC knotscott     :thumb: