Home Made Acoustics

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Home Made Acoustics
« on: 8 Apr 2018, 05:52 pm »

Forgot all about this. I was helping a friend a few years ago. Lucky guy works at a lumber yard and knows how to use tools.

He had a 3 car garage. Concrete floor. Concrete exterior with 2 x 4’s. He wanted to save the look of the home - so we kept the garage door cosmetics on the outside when reframing, insulating and building out the walls.

The fun part was building a number of bass traps. Thankfully the ceiling was not 8’. There was a bump at around 65 hz. Pretty normal, right?  It also had nasty mid-bass issues from about 115 and 500 hz.

The room ended up pretty nice. If you can get materials for free - this is a fun project! He probably saved about $10K.