Any thoughts on how this leaves Modwright OPPO owners ????? BYE OPPO

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Phil A

It really won't impact them any more than a non-modded player.  Last year I sent my solid state modded BDP-83 into Oppo as the drawer was sticking.  It was a known issue.  I also had to send my UDP-203 in as it froze after an update.  They covered shipping both ways on the 203 and since the 83 was out of warranty, I paid for shipping one way (and nothing else).  I got the players back promptly.  Oppo customer service is wonderful.  When I called them, they asked me about the mod (e.g. whether it is solid state or tube).  So they are familiar with them.


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I would think it would be a good idea to buy a spare drive/laser mechanism.


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Fred's is my go to place her in Portland, Oregon.  They have 6 units in stock now.  $1295 I believe, plus shipping.