Silk AT vs Exotica R

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Silk AT vs Exotica R
« on: 26 Mar 2018, 11:55 am »
I understand they are both differ in bass output and sensitivity.

But, is that all there is to it?

My goal is to get standmount speaker that is better in performance than either B&W 805d3 and Kef Reference 1. The 805d3 is super clear to the point that i can hear the vocal chord texture of a singer. Each breath a singer take while singing can be heard. Compared to my monitor audio gold signature gs10 i bought in 2006, it was as if going from normal photo to High Dynamic Range picture. Can see every detail under the shade, and all detail from extra bright pixels. The Kef Ref 1 has big stereo imaging and the singer sound like she is singing, unamplified, in front of me. I love both speakers.

Importing a pair of Salk Silk AT or Exotica R would be more expensive than the Kef and Bowers. I am up to it in the future, but meanwhile, i feel the need to understand the ins and outs of both silk AT and Exotica R. I am not considering the soundscape for a few reasons. First, they are too tall. I put my monitors on the wall pedestals / platform, so the position of the tweeter would be too high and i cannot adjust these pedestals. Second, i saw broken accuton drivers during shipping. That is too risky for me.

My room is 4.5 meter wide, 6 meter in length, about 3 meter in height. Got a pair of svs pb2000 already, and using sherbourn pa5-200 on denon avr-x4000. DAC is audioquest red dragonfly on laptop.

Movie : Music = 50 : 50.

So i have a number of questions regarding both Salk monitors.

1- If the crossover is set to 60 for both silk at and exotica r, and i listen to moderate volume of music, what are the pluses and minus for both? Lets just say the sensitivity of Exotica R is not advantageous in this case and the bass depth of the Silk AT is pointless since the subwoofers take care of it. Which one offers better imaging? Which one offers better separation between vocal and instrument? Which one would be more forward?

2- Could the Silk AT be made with a bigger driver? The 7" Audio Technology C-Quenze 18H52 and RAAL 70-20XR ribbon? What would the bigger driver offer compared to the 5 inch Audio Technology driver, if this was the case?

I was almost set on exotica R until i realized the amount of money i need to spend on shipping and tax. I understand that the exotica was made for music in the first place, while i still need my speaker to do heavy home theater duty. So i feel the need to ask more questions.

thank you in advance