Sony HAP Z1ES - Modewright Modification, or Separate DAC?

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I have the Sony HAP Z!ES, and I love the convenience of it.  I have probably 60% of my CD collection loaded up, as well as a good amount of Hi-Res stuff.  The sound is good, and it took a step upward when I added a KWA 150SE into my system.

So now I want to consider taking it to the next level, and I was planning on doing the Modwright Truth mod to the player.  It sounds like an amazing transformation.  I realized, though, that the latest firmware upgrade enabled the use of the USB for digital out to a separate DAC.  So...might I be better off adding a separate PCM/DSD DAC, such as the Elyse?  The initial spend might be more, but I'm thinking that the separates will hold their value better.  But what will sound better?  That's the question.  Any thoughts?