Price Reduced: LSA 1 monitors speakers in excellent condition. $300 shipped.

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For sale here is an excellent sounding pair of LSA-1 speakers in black ash.  I can hardly see any blemishes with my old eyes and they work perfectly.

They come with all original packaging, including the violet velvet bags. These are very deep speakers and feel much larger than expected. 

Link to a review from StereoMojo article in which they earned the Maximum Mojo Award:
Price is $420 shipped or less if I don't have to ship them.

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Lower price to $375 shipped.
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Reduced price again... $330 shipped???
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If you reduce the price AND the price is included within the subject title, it would probably be a good idea to at least also modify the original posts' title, which is what is displayed in the topic lists.


Great idea.  Thank you.


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Great idea.  Thank you.

Might as well add some pics with the grills off too.  :)


Last try before putting on ebay - $300 shipped.


Aaahhh man this is so so tempting. I haven’t heard these but I’ve only read great things, and this seems to be a steal. Trying to figure out what audio equipment I could get rid of to smooth over a new acquisition with the Mrs.  :?