My awesome experience with iFi Alix

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My awesome experience with iFi Alix
« on: 9 Mar 2018, 10:53 am »
I am an iFi user since 2012

My first iFi is iDAC.

So 3 months ago my ifi iTube just fail on me....
i texted AMR/iFi AMR support with their ticketing system.
Alix responded the next day, telling might be due to my PCB problem or my tube problem.
so at first i thought it was my 6922 tube problem, so order a 6922 tube from Amazon.
it doesn't seems to work after fitting in. So Alix asking me whether i still interest on swapping PCB?

At first i rejected, thought of getting iFi iTube 2, but the cost of changing is too expensive for me.
so i approach Alix again asking how much to replace PCB? guess what Alix came out with a reasonable price for PCB, Tube and shipping. in my mind, say no more take my money.

So it arrived all the way from UK to Malaysia just within 1 week.
so i swap the PCB, and my unit still doesn't function well. i play around with the adapter ( make sure i check the voltage before swapping, it is all 9V)
Then i swap, it works! it is my iPower adapter faulty! LOL

So i updated Alix, another surprises from Alix, He/She sent me a unit of the iPower FOC!
now swapped with the new iPower, everything works again.

I want to sincerely thank Alix and iFi team for building up such great product and after market service
After this experience, i will always stay loyal to iFi product

There's one time my iDAC 2 also failed to work. i contacted iFi, with ALIX help, they exchanged new unit for me
My full setup,

iFi product: iDAC 2. iTube, iCAN, iUSB, Gemini cable
Cable: Transparent USB, Transparent The Link
Speaker: Hivi x4
Sub: SVS SB2000

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Re: My awesome experience with iFi Alix
« Reply #1 on: 11 Mar 2018, 03:23 am »
Thank you for sharing your story munak991. :rock: :wine: