FOR SALE: Cables, Cables, Cables - Lots to choose from

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All are in great condition:


Blue Jeans Cable XLR 6ft pair $35

Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Subwoofer Cable, 9'5" $25

Mogami W2528 with Neutrik Rean Gold Phono / RCA 4ft   $30

**SOLD** Cullen Cables, XLR, 0.75m

**SOLD** Linn Silver Balanced XLR 2.2M pair

Power Cords

Kubala Sosna Imagination power cord, 2m $150

**SOLD** Shunyata Venom 3, 15A, 1.5m

Speaker Cables

Silverline Audio Conductor speaker cable, 6ft $150

Silverline jumper cables $25

Cardas Crosslink 8X Bi-Wireable Speaker Cables, bare ends, 10 feet  $300

Zu Audio Libtec speaker cables, 12 ft, Spade to Spade $250

Legend Audio Bi-Wire 12 ft Speaker Cables Bananas to Spades (small for Vantersteen or other terminal block connection speakers) $100

All are plus shipping and PayPal

p.s. Please don't write asking how they sound, as all cables are system dependent.
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