PS Audio P5 Regenerator

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PS Audio P5 Regenerator
« on: 5 Mar 2018, 01:55 am »
Who has first hand knowledge of using one?  Tell me the good and bad if any. 

The new model isn't out just yet.


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Re: PS Audio P5 Regenerator
« Reply #1 on: 5 Mar 2018, 03:24 am »
I got one during a period of rapid changes to my equipment and never ended up doing the kind of comparison I should have. Once I settled on my LIO it became irrelevant and moved to my multi channel system.

Since I have horrid wiring, probably done by a landscaper moonlighting as an electrician, there was improvement but I wouldn't want to dive into details. I will say that the remote control looks and feels as if it should have stayed in the '90s, but once it's set up you don't use it much.

I'm going to assume you're familiar with PS Audio's pricing / marketing model, and the used prices don't seem radically different from the best new prices. As log as they continue to release new gear that leaps up in price compared to the old, that situation should remain relatively unchanged making a purchase (new or used) a decent bet.