FOR SALE: Rare and modified Luxman LE-109 phono preamp

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Rare Luxman phono preamp from the late โ€˜80s โ€“ with moving magnet and moving coil capability โ€“ upgraded by C.C. Poon of Monarchy Audio, who replaced eight signal-path capacitors with oxygen-free copper-foil capacitors and added new low-noise capacitors in the gain stage. Excellent ability to adjust for gain and loading and dual mono back to the power supplies means it will offer the highest crosstalk rejection, something profoundly important in high-quality vinyl playback.  On top of that, it offers 'straight' listening mode if you don't wish to adjust any parameters.  It even has a subsonic filter, which can increase vinyl listening pleasure.  I have the original box and owner's manual.

Here is a link to a product description from The Vintage Knob.

Here's a link to my ad on Audiogon. 

Priced at $598 or best offer.  Shipping paid by buyer.

Michael Fanning
Charleston, S.C.
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