WT Classic Turntable information and observations

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WT Classic Turntable information and observations
« on: 14 Feb 2018, 05:42 am »
After adjusting the spindle/platter level in my 5 Feb 2018 post there are a few items that may be of interest to Classic users.

I emailed Mr. Pranka looking for a three prong (grounded) square motor and if the current Well Tempered Labs supplies silicon fluids. This was his prompt response regarding the silicon fluid.

[[["The fluids for the Amadeus are specific, but not proprietary.
For the tone arm:  100,000 cSt silicone
For the main bearing: any weight synthetic motor oil. I get whatever the cheapest 5w/20 or 5w/30

Best regards,
Mike Pranka
US Distributor for
Dynavector Systems, Ltd.
Dynavector Australia
Well Tempered Lab
Flux Hifi"]]]

The 100,000 cSt is available at turntablebasics.com. I used one and a half syringes to fill my tonearm cup to half way up the edge of the paddle.

turntablebasics.com also offers replacement belts. When I received their suggested FRZ35.1 for the Well Tempered Player/Classic its diameter is correct but its noticeably narrower than the original. I found they provided less platter traction and stretched dramatically over a short time. My motors drive spindle has bulging drive surfaces. The narrow belt would ride off the bulge slightly decreasing the platter speed.

Turntable Basics FM34.0 is a slightly smaller diameter but its width is similar to the original WT belt so it covers the spindle bulge and provides more traction on the platter. It should eventually stretch to the perfect diameter. 

FYI. I have an original Well Tempered spindle protractor and it is slightly different than some generic types.

I was unable to get an exact cartridge alignment until I found that slightly rotating the tonearm pillar provided the exact alignment.
After adjusting the spindle/platter level in my 5 Feb 2018 post there are a few items that may be of interest to Classic users.

14 Feb 2018
After adjusting the spindle/platter level within the bearing well and using fresh silicon in the bearing and the tonearm cups there was still channel imbalance.
 The anti-skate was pulling towards the spindle with the adjustment all the way in which made visually adjusting the tonearms azimuth and fine tuning with a Fozgometer very inconsistent.
 Never fond of this older version of WTs concave acrylic platter I simply flipped it over. The flat bottom actually had less runout than the concave and there was little if any difference in belt tracking the rim but the arm still pulled.
 I opened the anti-skate adjustment and twisted the tonearm cable until the anti-skate stopped and taped the cable to the plinth. What was left I could now adjust out.
After readjusting the tracking force doing the visual and Fozgometer azimuth was a snap. A slight VTA adjustment by ear and I began enjoying my collection again for the first time.

A note about the Fozgometer, it actually measures the output of each side of the cartridge individually. If I'm not mistaken the only way to actually measure the physical azimuth is by a visual look at the stylist in the groove with a USB microscope or similar devise. Even so the Well Tempered Classic arms anti-skate and azimuth adjustments are a stunning and welcome achievements.   

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