*SOLD* Starting Point Systems DAC 3 (TDA1543 R-2R NOS Battery DAC) *SOLD*

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 Non-oversampling TDA1543 R-2R DAC with jitter reduction.

I'm the original owner of this great organic sounding dac. If you've been wanting to hear the NOS sound this is a great way to give it a try.

Here are some features:

    Extract the pure performance of the last built non-oversampling true 16-bit TDA1543 DAC from Philips
    Optical & Coaxial inputs
    DIR9001 96 kHz SPDIF Receiver (lowest-jitter on the market - 50ps)
    Supports sampling frequencies from 28kHz to 108kHz (continuous range, including non-standard frequencies)
    TDA1543 16-bit DAC - the original from Philips®
    Passive I/V conversion
    No Op-Amp - direct output with 2Vpp (will drive any power amp well)
    Huuuge capacitors on the output path provides sub-Hertz cutoff frequency (<0.3Hz on a 10kOhms input)
    Dual Stage power supply regulation (for a super low background noise level)
    Separate voltage regulator for the DAC and the Digital SPDIF receiver (same reason as above)
    Battery-powered with a single 9V NiMH battery (optional - but without it you must provide a clean 12V - 15V power supply)
    Smart battery charger on-board (quickly charges the battery when depleted, keeps it charged at low current when idle)
    When both power switches are on, the battery is recharged, and is also used to buffer the external power, completely removing hum.
    Will Direclty drive any power amplifier
    Easy to carry around and make it listen to yours friends
    2+ hours of listening on the battery alone


Comes with 12v wall wort to recharge batteries

8/10 on the Agon Scale

Asking $125.00 OBO PayPal and Shipping included from 08087....USPS Priority

US Only! No International sales!

PM me here or email: rodge827@comcast.net

Thanks for looking,


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