Tube pre amps with Odyssey amps ?

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Re: Tube pre amps with Odyssey amps ?
« Reply #40 on: 1 Sep 2019, 06:32 am »
The Quicksilver is warmer, but also more detailed. It is an extremely good sounding linestage, especially for the price.  If you have a dealer near you, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.  I listened to preamps 5 times as expensive and did not think they sounded as good as the Quicksilver. I have not found anything better that combines with my Khartago amp.  A marriage made in heaven.

I own Quicksilver mono 60 & and a Quicksilver headphone amp , including Mike Sanders QS Silver IC but I use Don  Sach's DS 2 for a pre-amp ! the QuickSilver amps perform  way above their price point. and Am very satisfied with them I do own a" high current" (850 Transformer  & "Expensive "35 K" Symphonic Capacitors ") Odyssey Kismet amp with all the belles and whistles that Klaus made for me  (March of 2017) I was using it with my Magnipan 1.7i which I sold last year now for a year the unit sits in a rack , I love the unit but now  I have very efficient horn like  speakers Daedalus Poseidon  , so I have decided to sell the Kismet probably will but it up for sale in the next few days I dont think a Odyssey kismet unit should be just sitting in a rack probably not good for the caps . Yes I truly love QuickSilver products and have compared to units that cost 4X as much. So I don't think you will go wrong with a QS line stage !



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Re: Tube pre amps with Odyssey amps ?
« Reply #41 on: 2 Sep 2019, 03:46 pm »
Yes, that is the one.  On another note, I once tried an Audio Note OTO SE integrated amplifier with phono stage and it didn't even come close to the Khartago + Quicksilver combination in this system.  And the Khartago + Quicksilver combination is less than half the price of the Audio Note.

You will need a phono stage with the Quicksilver Linestage.  I use a Parasound Zphono (on sale from an online audio vendor with very good reputation) with very, very good results.  Have so far not had the desire to upgrade and put more money in good speakers.  Again, the synergy of these pieces is really great.


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Re: Tube pre amps with Odyssey amps ?
« Reply #42 on: 9 Sep 2019, 10:03 pm »
One has to consider the price point of the Candela to most others and determine how much better sound are you getting overall compared to the Candela. I have the Candela and have thought many times of upgrading but I can find nothing in its sound to cause me to do so. If I want an upgrade I would step up the Odyssey line to a Stratos or Kismet where i believe would give me a better overall upgrade.


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Re: Tube pre amps with Odyssey amps ?
« Reply #43 on: 9 Sep 2019, 11:20 pm »
lots of great comments on this thread. I had a Audio Research LS15 pre and ARC PH5 phono when I upgraded my old amp to a pair of Odyssey fully upgraded to the max Kismets. I love this combo but I am probably less picky than many of you.