Selling my Odyssey Cyclops - Integrated Amp - advice requested

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Looking for input on appropriate pricing for my 2005 Cyclops. Upgraded & repaired by Klaus in 2015. Looking to upgrade entire system is the reason for sale. I'm the original owner and it is in excellent condition. Given they're pretty rare I'm not sure if 700-800 is a reasonable price or less. Should I go ebay or is there a better place to list? Thanks!



Mark, there's a very strong following right here so if it were me I'd list it in the ad section on audio circle.  I'd check hifishark on pricing.    No matter where you list it be sure to include the upgrades done.   Hope this helps.



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A friend recently loaned me a Cyclops to try out. It's very impressive especially considering it's price. What amplification are you thinking of upgrading to ?


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Hi all,
I like small integrated amps, the Cyclops web page show a competitive price point.
Someone could inform me howmuch Class A the Cyclops is biased?
Thanks :thumb: