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I used to own Magnepan Tympani I-Cs in the mid-70s through the mid-80s.  I loved those speakers but I sold them because I didn’t have a room for them.  Since then I have had Von Schweikert VR-4s, Dunlavy SC-4s, single-driver speakers using AER speakers and Tonian supertweeters, and Legacy Audio Focus SEs.  I enjoyed all those speakers but I missed the Magnepan open, there you are sound. 

Late last spring I started working with Peter Gunn to get a pair of Magnestands.  I wanted the 1.6s so I had to find a pair of used 1.6s.  Peter was very helpful in my search of speakers that were in good shape.  You want to make sure the drivers are in good shape.  Peter will fix a certain amount of delamination.
I received the finished speakers in October.  The wood work was wonderful.  The speakers were very easy to assemble.  I am using an ASR Emitter I Exclusive with battery to drive the speakers.  Even though the amp is only 160 watts @ 8 ohms and 290 watts @ 4 ohms, I have no trouble driving them into the high 90’s DB.  I am using a Lampizator Atlantic Plus DAC with a Lampizator DSD Komputer as a music server.  The sound is very detailed, dynamic, and open.  The sound stage is outstanding.  If you read the information on his site, I am getting all the results promised.  The result was music that I had not enjoyed for years (classical and classic rock mainly) is now very involving and more musical.  I can sit for hours listening.

Working with Peter was great.   He is very accommodating and he is certainly a straight shooter.   He wants his customers to be satisfied so he will let you know if your setup is going to work with his speakers.

If you like the planar sound, Magnestands are a bargain!  Plus the WAF is high! 


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Nice post. The only issue I have is with the last sentence. High WAF? Not in my house.


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I've only heard what Peter did with the MMGs but the results were very impressive.
Enjoy your new speakers!


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Would be great to see a photo.