SOLD Goldpoint SW4 Input/Output switch SOLD

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SOLD Goldpoint SW4 Input/Output switch SOLD
« on: 13 Jan 2018, 04:43 am »
Goldpoint SW4 rca switch. Purchased new direct from Goldpoint Oct 2017. I bought this to switch output from my DAC to either my headphone amp or my preamp. Works beautifully and is as transparent as if it wasn't in the chain at all. I no longer need it because I have two dacs now so I run one to my preamp and another to my headphone amp.

The switch is reversible. So it can be used to switch between multiple inputs with one output. It can also be used with one input to multiple outputs.

I have feedback on USAudiomart and Ebay see the USAudiomart add for feedback

$210 shipped CONUS or Canada. 

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