Think I'll take the plunge on the H frame with a MTM. Got some questions.

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I tried calling Danny. But he's busy, sick and I'm in no rush but a little impatient with my questions. I'd like to get some stuff written down at least, that will likely make more questions for me.

I've been reading a fair amount on the H/W frames. It seems the 370amp is the amp of choice over the 300? If this is the case, the 370 has a ton of settings and I'm honestly not sure I'm up to the task of getting things optimally dialed in in my listening area. I see lots of talk of room measurements. From there it just all gets hazier for me.

For the MTM. I'm not  sure if I'll hold off for now and just use one of the speakers I currently have going until I can spend the cash on the Otica maybe?
My current near field set up speaker is the Hawthorne audio silver iris over an Alpha 15. I like it tonally quite a bit. But it's big and ugly (never got past my test baffle) for my smallish space. I had built a pair of stock X-statics that I liked physically and had a good sound stage. But in my space they lacked something. Being a newb I'm not sure on the lingo. But I think maybe brightness? Danny suggested I upgrade the x-overs but instead I foolishly sold them because I was broke and wanted to try something different.  I've since tried buying them back the new owner is not only  being selfish, but moved across the country! haha.

So, I'm wondering if I should build an upgraded X-static MTM for the time being or just save up for the Otica and use one of my other set ups on the H- frame.
I have the full range OB Betsy that I could use or a boxed speaker I built. A Planet 10 HIFI modified Alpair running full range. Sorry, I have no idea why the AC server is rotating the image. Please tell me how to fix it if you know.

Last thing is speaker wire. Danny, I see you that you like Electra speaker cables. Is the cable that you offer roughly the same thing, but in DIY form? I noticed a lot of folks on here like the Blue Jeans cable but that you mentioned the carbon in the black can mess with the sound. I'm thinking of just getting 100' or so of wire from you and making a quad braid?

I'm not sure if it matters. My amps are a Triode 2A3 mono block set up. The Hawthornes get PLENTY loud with these amps.

Sorry for the long post. We can chat over the phone. I just wanted to get my thoughts out and see what others of like mind thought about it.

Thanks everyone.


 :D you need to talk to Jay up here in Canada ,,,, he knows also.....  :D
         I'm also interested in the mtm and subs ,,,,,     But still need an amp & pre .  Never ends ,,,,, :D


I have the MTM Oticas on top of dual H-Frames. I use the A370 amps. The HX300s were designed as an entry level amp for use with 8" drivers. You can use them with 12" drivers but you won't get as much power, have limited input options, and very limited adjustability compared with the A370 amps.  I've had the HX300 amps and would not buy them again. The A370 series amps are well worth the additional cost.

Don't be afraid of the A370s adjustability. It's really not that complicated and having those options go a long way in blending the subs with the main speakers. 

The MTMs work fine with H-Frames.

I'd suggest building the H-Frames then experimenting with your current speakers to see if you like one well enough to use while you save up for the MTM Oticas.



Flavo, I  would agree with Mlundy57, as I have had all those items you speak of, I would only support dual H Frame ob subs and then continue to use your planet 10. I would install a high pass cross on the fonken speaker ( I know David D will kill me for saying that) but it will allow the h Frame to go up to a good range--200-250 and then put your fonken at ease without having to reproduce those lower frequencies.  If you click back in my posts, I have a bunch of those that I have used with various subs.  Start there, then work up.   You won't be sorry with the H Frames at all.   


When you get more funds, you can upgrade to the MTM which will be better than the fonken, but then the $$$ go up to in relation.  The fonken is great for lower sound levels and room filling, but will break up at higher outputs.


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I was intimidated by the 370 controls too but Danny gave me some pointers and ultimately I just had to experiment a bit to get them to sound right.  You will know when you find the sweet spot of them blending in with your mains because you won't be able to stop listening and smiling!  :green:

I'm pretty sure the wire Danny sells is the same stuff in the Electra cables.  It's good stuff and easy to work with.  Reasonably priced.

I also recommend building the H-frames before mains.  You will never have to worry about bass again!   :rock: :bounce: :drums:


I agree with what's been said about the 370 amps. It looks a little intimidating, but it's very easy. Once you get in the ball park, you can fine tune without much problem. You should be fine with this aspect of the build.



Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement. I think I'll be sending Danny some money and start a build!!

JP, I'm sending you a PM too.


I pmed you a book.....    :thumb: