Wireless HT rear surround hookup?

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Wireless HT rear surround hookup?
« on: 1 Jan 2018, 07:22 pm »
In our new home I expect to hook up a 6 speaker home theater setup. Of course I will have my HT receiver/amp/box at the front of the room near the TV and I will be running speaker wires to the sub, front left , right and center speakers from it.

But I would like to avoid running a long set of speaker cables to the 2 rear speakers. I would vastly prefer to transmit the signal from the receiver to those speakers wirelessly. That means I would need a separate amplifier for them (not a problem, there are any number of small inexpensive class D amplifiers that would provide sufficient power).

But what can I use for the transmitter from the back of the HT box to the receiver connected to my new digital amp across the room? Will the HT receiver still be able to control the volume for those rear speakers, or will it just send the signal, meaning I will have to control the volume from my new tiny digital amp?

There's got to be a solution for this and I don't want to spend a fortune buying wireless self-powered speakers or a new HT receiver/amp/box. I would rather use what I have already.

I found this and it seems like it will do the job adequately and for a cheap price too:

Any other suggestions or comments?



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Re: Wireless HT rear surround hookup?
« Reply #2 on: 1 Jan 2018, 11:35 pm »
I think parts express has some solutions. I've never tried them however.

Outlaw audio might have some stuff too, but again I have no experience with them


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