FS: Grant Fidelity Reference Rita-880S Integrated Tube Amplifier

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Grant Fidelity Reference RITA-880S

Up for sale is fully remote controlled Grand Fidelity Reference Class Integrated Tube Amp!

This amp is a beast and massive Tube Amp weighting in about 90lbs or more unpacked. It has transformers and awesome case work and all point to point wiring with resistors nice Blue Meters! Due to the massive Aluminum body, this amp runs cool for an amp with this Class A power.

I have had many KT-88/6550 type amps from Rogue, Sonic Frontiers, DIY style but these take them off the shelf and I sold them all. IMO,this is the only KT-88 amp that comes close to the SET sound! I was keeping this as a sleeper amp for my SET amps but I no longer have room to store it since I have way too many amps and I am now making more massive SET amps. I am also into different hobby and needs to space so I am thinning my collection of cool audio gears.

I purchased this amp about 2 years ago. The previous owner lost the original box and the remote during the move. So, I contacted Rachael from Grant Fidelity and obtained a brand new remote for this amp from the factory. The Rita has lived in my living room, and been used relatively little since I have many SET amps that I used. The RITA may have around 150 hours during my ownership. Tubes are tested and checked with my Hickok Cardmatic tube tester and all are in NOS level. The black anodized front face has some very faint scratches on the edges that I tried hard to capture in the photo.

This one has all the GF premium parts including the Psvane Audio High end Beryllium Copper Foil Coupling capacitors (4 caps for each channel) that costs more than $600 on the coupling caps alone! The output tubes were also upgraded to a matched quad set of Gold Lion KT-88 tubes!

This amp provides 45 Class A Tube Watts per channel utilizing Two KT-88 output tubes for each channel into 4 or 8 ohms speaker load.

I used my own set of preamp/driver tubes so the original upgraded tubes are essentially new that comes with the amps. I was told by the previous owner that the factory tubes have about 100hours on them. I checked all tubes on my tube tester and found all the tubes tested near new levels.

The amp comes with

Matched Quad of Genalex Reissued Gold Lion KT-88 Tubes (all tubes measured above 90% in my cardmatic tester)

Matched Quad of Psvane KT-88 NOS Tubes in Original Boxes (all tubes measured above 90% in my cardmatic tester)

2 x Factory Original Tung Sol (Russian) 6SN7 Tubes (tested New)

2 x Factory Original Tung Sol (Russian) 6SL7 Tubes (tested New)

Remote Control

Reprinted Owner's Manual

Reprinted Service Manual / Schematics Diagrams!

No Original Box!

The amp will be doubled boxed and packed with foams for safe shipping via FedEx! Tubes may be shipped separately or packed individually inside the amp in bubblewraps.

Reviews have been very positive, e.g., SoundStage Reviewers' Choice Award (Oct 2008) and Best Product Debut 2008

Dagogo -- http://www.dagogo.com/grant-fidelity-reference-system-review

Tone Audio (almost same amp but with EL36 tubes) -- http://www.tonepublications.com/review/the-rita-340-integrated-amplifier/



Shipping is doubled boxed well packaged with white Styrofoams all around. Shipping weight may exceed 100lbs and will ship CONUS with FedEx Ground Insured only!

Local pickup is great if you live in SoCAL, but will consider shipping at purchasers cost.

Price is $2200 or OBO plus shipping and paypal fees if used.

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That is one amazing-looking amp! 


Beautiful amp. Makes me consider selling my Line Magnetic to buy this one....... :wink:


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Thanks GuyS!  :thumb:

This is one amp you won't regret getting!

Looks gorgeous but sounds even more amazing in person!


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Bump! Rita needs a loving home!