New models: ST-10M + Reference 20E + ???

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New models: ST-10M + Reference 20E + ???
« on: 24 Dec 2017, 07:05 am »
Hot off the press:

"We've also got some really exciting news from NuPrime in the last few days – the are 3 new high end amplifier models on the way. First up will be a mono version of the ST-10 above – the new ST-10Ms will be much more powerful, and even better sounding – the perfect upgrade for anyone who wants more out of their music.

Even better will be the new Reference 20E. Like the ST-10M above these are mono amplifiers, but each around twice the size (although this only makes them normal width and they're still in a slimline profile.) This is a completely new design from Reference 20. which will be a big improvement on ST-10M and that will surpass Ref 20's 420 watts per channel in power and resolution."

Super keen to hear any more details about these! And also to know what the third model is as they only mention two. Could it be the IDA-32? :D


Re: New models: ST-10M + Reference 20E + ???
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Thanks for th the link, jimmy.kl.

 I am really looking forward to hearing more about these. Can't wait to find out what the NuPrime guys are up to. Very exciting! :thumb: