New to the site (My gear)

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New to the site (My gear)
« on: 18 Dec 2017, 08:42 pm »
New to the site, I've been collecting gear the past few years (includes):

Full Pioner Spec Rack (Pioneer Spec 1, Pioneer Spec 4, Pioneer RT-707, Pioneer TX-9500, Pioneer PL-570, with the real Pioneer Spec Rack)
Full Nikko gear set (Beta 1, Alpha 1, Gamma 1 (Silver))
Full Yahama gear set (Yamaha M4, Yamaha C6, Yamaha T7)
Adcom GFA-555
Heathkit W5M
Unison Unico Primo (older style no remote)
McIntosh 1700
Pioneer SA-8100
Musical Designs SP1, D150, D140, CD1
Music Hall 15.2 DAC
Music Hall CD15.3
Rega Jupiter CD
Technics 1100A, Technics 1300
Empire 398 with 980 arm (x2) (+1 parts Empire 398)
Empire 398 with SME arm
Luxman PD-277 TT, Luxman PD-121 TT
Aurex 335 Preamp
Few Sony ES CD players and Yamaha CD player

Seas Kit 403 (don't remember exact model)
Yamaha NS-500M
Celestion SL6 si
Focal 706V x2 sets
Electrovoice Aristocrat (12" woofer with horn)
Audioengine HD6
Realistic Minimus 7

I have way way too much gear, but have a hard time parting with anything.

Look forward to being in the community here.