End of Year Mod Sale! 10% off Oppo mods + Free Audio Magic ($650 Savings!!!)

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We are happy to announce ModWright's Year End Mod Sale:

This applies to all Oppo tube mods:
10% off tube modification price ($2500 retail) = $250 savings.
Free Audio Magic Pulse Gen Zx upgrade          = $400 savings.
Total savings = $650!

Customers must provide Oppo product (Sonica DAC, UDP-205, BDP-105/105D, BDP-95)

Sale ends Jan. 1, 2018!

UDP 205 Customer feedback:

"Hello Dan,

First off I want to say that you folks hit it out of the ballpark on this upgrade. I am loving it, and am completely happy with my decision to make this investment. We had house guests over last night (who admittedly had never experienced hi-fi of any sort), and they listened in rapt, astonished silence for about 90 minutes.

Observation: I did not expect this, but I actually prefer the sound of the Oppo's CD player over my PS Audio PerfectWave transport running through the Oppo's DAC. I'm talking about standard redbook CDs... I A/B-ed five of them last night and this morning, and in every case preferred the sound coming from the 205 CD player... and this is quite a compliment because the PS Audio is no slouch. At any rate, the 205 CD player is more detailed and lifelike, and a bit less harsh.

What's funny is that I was sure this would not be the case... I played the first recording in the 205, and thought, "Damn that sounds good"...
- K. Frank, Dec. 9, 2017

Call now to reserve your start date and save $650!!!
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