Product Warranty Registration

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Product Warranty Registration
« on: 6 Dec 2017, 04:04 pm »
There is a simple way to register for your product.
1. Register an account at
2. Go to Membership, Subscription section. Subscribe to NuPrime/NuForce membership (and all others that you care to get marketing info).
3. After you subscribed to a brand, your User Profile will have a field for product registration.  Select to Update Profile under Membership and go to the bottom of the form. Enter the model# and purchase date in the NuPrime Product Registration field.

Keep a copy of your original purchased receipt. If you bought your product from another user and he doesn't have the receipt, you should ask for his purchase info, and register for the product as soon as possible.
If there is no other purchase or registration info, we will rely on the item's manufacturing date (which could be many months before it was purchased).