Amadeus Mk. II on its way.

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Amadeus Mk. II on its way.
« on: 3 Dec 2017, 02:12 pm »
Hi guys,

I have just introduced myself to the forum, so this is my 2nd post on Audio circle and the first one here.
Tomorrow UPS will ring the bell and deliver the Amadeus. Although I generally like (love ?) to swap arms (there is always a better one) I am totally delighted by the WTL approach.

I have found some information about the arm geometry it some things are unclear to me.

What I would like to know is which needle tip / mounting hole distance the system is designed for?
I have a ZYX 4D and a Soundsmith Boheme to choose from.

Another thing is compliance. I think the theory with the WTL arm is that you can optimise tracking behaviour by playing with the amount of fluid. What I would like to know is in which compliance range the system works best so I know where to start from.

Thanks :-)